People-centered Care

This concept extends beyond providing patients with the best-possible services, although that is always HA’s top priority. It also acknowledges the importance of having a caring heart, even when HA staff are busy or a patient is demanding, as well as good two-way communication, which is indispensable for understanding and meeting a patient's needs.

Professional Service

HA defines professionalism as to increase one’s knowledge continuously by staying abreast of the latest developments in one's profession, taking action to improve one’s skills, accepting responsibility for the things one does, and having the courage to learn from one's mistakes. This is what HA aspires to in members of HA’s work, both as an organization and as individuals working in it.

Committed Staff

HA staffs strive to work wholeheartedly, think positively, and take the initiative to go the extra mile in order to serve our patients better.


Teamwork means to join hands and work together to achieve the best outcomes. To do this, HA staff must foster positive relationships, and adopt a spirit of openness, mutual respect, and acceptance of different ideas. These factors will allow each of the HA team members to make his or her unique contribution to a collective success.

The vision, mission and values serve to guide the planning, development and delivery of services provided by HA, including nursing education. HA also regards it as a ‘people-first’ organization. HA refers ‘people’ as clients and their families, staff members (including nursing students), and other stakeholders in the community, as the focus of HA’s work, and members of HA always strive to treat these people fairly, with respect and as equally.