The vision of HA begins by committing the staff to the health of the community, thus helping its members to avoid the need to spend time in the hospitals whenever possible. HA seeks to achieve this firstly by providing high-quality services that aim to cure the clients, so that they will not have to be readmitted, and secondly by enabling the out-patients to enjoy the best-possible health and quality of life outside the walls of the hospitals.

Staff in HA are the key factor in the delivery of the services provided by HA. HA therefore needs to ensure its staff feel happy and motivated in work by treating them fairly, not overburdening them, and helping them to maintain a good work-life balance.

Trust is a precious commodity that must be earned. To gain and keep the community's trust, HA endeavors to respond to its concerns and to any health-related crises that arise in a swift, effective and professional way. HA also recognizes that honesty is a fundamental element of trust, so staff in HA make every effort to be honest, open and accountable - not just to the patients and community but also to the colleagues, including students.

Helping People Stay Healthy

HA appreciates that patients are usually the "leading actors" in HA staff’s work, and that healthcare professionals merely play supporting roles. Sometimes it is HA staff’s job to give them life-saving treatment, but more often than not HA staffs are simply partners who empower them to regain their health and stay healthy by offering them support in the forms of diagnosis, medication, exercises, information, encouragement and motivation.